Feature Film

Director: Paul Cox

Produced by: Mark Patterson

Screened in the Cinema Masters section of the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival.

The second film I produced for Paul Cox, which was financed off the back of the success of “Innocence”. Half filmed in the deep south of France and in Adelaide, South Australia, this was by Cox standards a big film filled with all his favourite collaborators. Jacqueline McKenzie is fantastic as Anna and Norman Kaye plays his last role.

Year Of Production: 2004
Type: Feature Film
Investors: Film Finance Corporation, Showtime Australia, South Australian Film Corporation.
Australian Distributor: Dendy Films
International Sales: Hanway Films

The relationship between Anna (Jacqueline McKenzie) and David (Aaron Blabey) is tested when a wealthy gentleman, Edward (Chris Haywood), enters Anna’s life. His worldliness and seductive charm awakens in Anna a consciousness that has a dramatic impact on her relationship with David. She embarks on an intimate journey of self-discovery and physical fulfilment to finally arrive at a deeper, more profound understanding of her inner needs… and the necessity for human touch and need for love.

Starring: Jacqueline McKenzie, Aaron Blabey
With: Chris Haywood, Rebecca Frith, Aden Young, Terry Norris
Paul Cox
Produced by:
Mark Patterson
Paul Cox
Director of Photography: Ian Jones ACS
Production Designer:
Asher Bilu
Sound Design:
James Currie
Simon Whitington
Paul Grabowsky
Production Company: 
Go Patterson Film, Illumination Films

Anna & David
David & Ouspensky