Feature Film

Director: Paul Cox

Produced by: Mark Patterson

Producers: Maggie Miles, Baby Mathew

One of Paul Cox’s most personal and emotional films. David Wenham gives an exceptional performance. 

David Stratton

MIFF Opening

Opening Night Film
Melbourne International Film Festival

This is the fifth film I produced for director Paul Cox. Filmed in Melbourne, Australia and Trivandrum, Kerala, India in February-April 2014.

Year Of Production: 2014
Type: Feature Film
Website: Force of Destiny
Investors: Screen Australia, Illumination Films, Soma Creations, Film Victoria and Roadshow Films.
Australian Dist: CinemaPlus
International Sales: Galloping Filmsa

Robert is a renowned sculptor who lives alone surrounded by the tools of his trade and his highly distinctive artworks. Robert is close to his daughter Poppy, but has an unresolved relationship with Hannah from whom he is separated.

The family is stunned when Robert is diagnosed with cancer of the liver and six months to live. In the process of physical decline and mental turmoil, Robert meets Maya, an Indian marine biologist who comes from a different world, a different reality.

Maya’s Uncle also has cancer and is preparing for death by passing on his wisdom and knowledge with grace and acceptance. Against all the odds, Robert is put on the transplant list. New hope and future possibilities appear deepening his planetary journey with Maya. In Robert’s last tumultuous months his passion for Maya intensifies as he confronts the agony/ecstasy of finding the love that has evaded him his entire life, just as his body is about to be taken from him.

The film is based on Paul’s own experience with liver cancer and subsequent liver transplant.

Starring David Wenham, Shahana Goswami, Jacqueline McKenzie, Hannah Fredericksen with Seema Biswas, Terry Norris and Mohan Agashe.

Director: Paul Cox
Producers: Mark Patterson, Maggie Miles, Baby Mathew
Associate Producers: Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Anil Acharya
Executive Producer: Shaun Miller
Director of Photography: Ian Jones ACS
Production Designer: Asher Bilu
Sound Design: James Currie, Tom Heuzenroeder, Pete Best
Editors: Jonathan Auf Der Heide, Mark Atkin ASE
Composer: Paul Grabowsky
Production Company: Paul’s Next Feature Pty Ltd

Force of Destiny still 2
Force of Destiny still 1
Force of Destiny still 3