Ah, development, its where the dream is at its purest.

GO PATTERSON FILMS - Feature films in development:


An Australian/UK co-production.

Director: TBA Producer’s: Mark Patterson (AUST) Daniel Dreifuss (UK)
Writer: Sean Riley (Aust)
Cast: TBA
Status: We are currently casting to finance.
Lost to the wilderness, saved by humanity. Hobart town 1850, the most southern colonial out post. A place for convicts, adventurers and the lost. A smart woman in a godless place with one chance to escape by putting her trust in a man who captures spirits, a man with skills, a man she could love, a man who would take her beyond the Walls Of Bedlam to a land of mystery and colour to a home in the wilderness. A brother with a mission and a blind aboriginal boy with nowhere to go. Through his ears and her eyes she discovers a world filled with wonders and the true nature of good men who do dreadful deeds. When madness descends – the blind lead the blind to escape the home that became a prison pursued by the ones they once loved.

FLOATY BOY (aka The Mindless Ferocity Of Sharks)

Director: TBA
Producer’s: Mark Patterson
Writer’s: Mark Patterson & Brett D’Arcy
Status: A labour of love which will get there one day.
A boy discovers that sharks bite but humans bite a lot harder.
Thirteen-year-old Floaty Boy has a special gift, he can hear sharks.
After a fatal shark attack divides the small coastal town he lives in, Floaty Boy’s talents come under attack. His mother, the local fisheries officer strives to protect the protected species, his father an inventor and surfer tries to calm the local community but becomes the meat in the sandwich. When the mood of the town turns ugly and the well being of his family is threatened Floaty Boy has no choice but to do the unheard of. Mindless Ferocity Of Sharks, a boy’s coming of age through the lore of sharks.


Director: TBA
Producer: Mark Patterson
Writer: Mark Patterson
Stratus: A new draft will be completed by mid 2013
When a man accepts an invitation to immortalise a rich recluses wife he takes a journey through birth, death, love, lust and revenge.

In the style of “Memento”