The great Roger Ebert in 2000 said about “Innocence” - “The best single film I saw in the entire Cannes Film Festival”. So began an extraordinary festival run winning numerous awards, selling to over 50 territories including the majors and a US release. This was the first feature film I produced and the first time I worked with Paul Cox. A very modestly budgeted film, a small but great crew and it was a privilege to works with such a fine cast, the late great Charles “Bud” Tingwell and the extraordinary husband and wife team Julia Blake and Terry Norris. The film was Cox at his best - it was a joy to make.

Retired organist and music teacher, Andreas Borg (Bud Tingwell), discovers that his first love, Claire (Julia Blake), a women he hasn't seen in almost fifty years, lives nearby...that she exists! He writes her a letter...Claire responds to his rather passionate plea and after some deliberation, they embark on an affair as reckless, intense and tempestuous as when they were young lovers. Through poignant, erotic flashbacks, we start to understand the haunting quality of their early relationship and the innocence of their young love.

Innocence is a tragi/comic tale of love and lust, of tenderness and hope, a passionate reminder to live life to the full. It i
s a poignant homage to the human spirit.